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  • Granger Pipe Tobacco 7 oz. Can

    Granger Granger Pipe Tobacco 7 oz. Can

    Granger Pipe Tobacco is a classic and time-honored blend that has been cherished by pipe enthusiasts for many years. The 7 oz. can of Granger Pipe Tobacco offers a convenient and generous supply of this well-loved tobacco blend. The Granger Pipe Tobacco is known for its traditional, no-nonsense flavor profile. It is crafted with high-quality tobacco leaves, expertly blended to deliver a smooth and satisfying smoking experience. With a medium-bodied strength, Granger Pipe Tobacco appeals to a wide range of pipe smokers, from beginners to experienced connoisseurs. The tobacco is typically cut into a ribbon-like texture, making it easy to pack into your pipe and ensuring a consistent and enjoyable burn. The 7 oz. can is designed for freshness and convenience, helping to preserve the quality of the tobacco for an extended period. The packaging is sturdy and travel-friendly, allowing you to take your favorite blend with you wherever you go. Whether you enjoy relaxing with a pipe in the comfort of your home or savoring the ritual of pipe smoking outdoors, Granger Pipe Tobacco promises a timeless and gratifying smoking experience. Worried about dry tobacco? No need. Here is a helpful guide to restoring your tobacco to your ideal moisture level. What can I do to re-humidify my tobacco? During tobacco rag processing, raw tobacco is sent through re-dryers, which pulls out all of the moisture. Later in the manufacturing process, the desired amount of moisture is added back to the tobacco. What does this mean to you? Pipe tobacco is packaged based on net weight. One cubic foot of water weighs 62.37 pounds. It is to your advantage to buy dryer tobacco because you are getting more for your money. If you receive a bag that is not to your preferred humidity level, there are several remedies that are readily available in tobacco chat rooms and/or blogs. We suggest that you use a mist/spray bottle filled with water, preferably distilled, and lightly spray the tobacco once inside the pouch. Seal the pouch back and let it sit for approximately one hour. You should notice the difference in the feel and taste of your next smoke. You may repeat this process to get the tobacco up to the humidity level of your preference. Be careful not to apply too much moisture as this may lead to a host of other problems. However, in the event that it becomes too moist, simply spread the loose tobacco across a paper towel and allow it to air dry. Then, if needed, you may restart the re-humidification process.



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