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  • Swisher Sweets Grape Cigarillos 10 Packs of 5 Swisher Sweets Grape Cigarillos 10 Packs of 5

    Swisher Sweets Swisher Sweets Grape Cigarillos 10 Packs of 5

    Swisher Sweets Grape Cigarillos offer a delightful and flavorful smoking experience for cigar enthusiasts who enjoy a touch of fruity sweetness. Each box contains 10 packs, with each pack containing 5 cigarillos, providing a total of 50 grape-flavored cigarillos in the box. These cigarillos are crafted with a blend of high-quality tobacco leaves infused with a delicious grape flavoring. The infusion process ensures that the natural tobacco taste is complemented by the sweet and juicy essence of grapes, creating a uniquely enjoyable smoke. Swisher Sweets Grape Cigarillos have a mellow to medium strength profile, making them suitable for a wide range of cigar smokers. The size and shape of the cigarillos offer a convenient and enjoyable smoking experience, perfect for moments of relaxation or to satisfy your cravings for a fruity smoke. The grape flavor in these cigarillos is typically well-balanced, providing a pleasant aroma and taste without overpowering the tobacco. This makes them a popular choice for those who appreciate a flavored smoking experience. The 10-pack box ensures that you have an ample supply of grape cigarillos to last you for multiple smoking sessions. Each individual pack is sealed for freshness, preserving the quality and flavor of the cigarillos. Swisher Sweets Grape Cigarillos are a great option for those seeking a flavorful and fun smoking experience. Whether you're unwinding after a long day or celebrating a special occasion, these grape-infused cigarillos promise a delightful and indulgent smoke.


  • Bluntville Grape Cigars Pack of 25

    Bluntville Bluntville Grape Cigars Pack of 25

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    Bluntville has taken their cigars to the next level with their unique smoking blends. Using quality tobacco,Bluntville cigars are Double Wrapped to provide the smoker their “Fast or Slow Burning System”! Simply remove the outer wrapper for a faster burn when time is of the essence,or leave the cigar just like it is,and sit back and enjoy the slow burning Double Wrapped option. See for yourself at Thompson Cigar why the Bluntville Vanilla's natural leaf tobacco is like no other,and sealed in “EverFresh” packaging for ultimate freshness.

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